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Alien Alien Lapin Atom No! Atom No! 1 Atom No! 4
Atom No! 5 Barrister Baveur Beeuh Beuh
Big Face Big Mouth Blöde_Baby Bong Bougie
Bouttoné Brain Fumes Chamelle Circulation Coco Eyes
Cocopix Cocostein Confrère Coucou Couturier
Cow Mec Crazy Face Cubix Dentu Deprimé
Don't Drink and Schwitz Eye Ear Fallik Farfelu Faucon
Fez First Tooth Flat Face Furieux Gesellschaftsdruck
Grande Gueule Grincheux Hooked In De Bottle Ins Auge
Intelektucamel L'amour Latitude Le British (by Jamel) Long Face
Long Nose Long Teeth Mafaib Mahan Mango
Mellow Mmmbh MMMmmmbh Motivé Mouche
Nailed Nez Poilu No Happy Nos Gun Nose Bleed
Oeil Glace Oily On Board Open Minded Ouaah
Pan _Flute Papa Noël PC Innenleben Pensement Penseur
Plus Soif Private Eye Question Mark Relax Rigole
Sad Sausage Nose Scargueule Scarlangue Sexy Wine
Slightly Tired Slurp Smell Shit Snorkelling Soif
Solar Spitzbube Square Face Stink Käs Think Too Much
Third Eye Tolerant Tordu Toucon Trou De Memoire
Übung Very Tired Waves Wide Face Zinzin

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